Frequently Asked Questions

New to Massage?

Here are some common questions:

What should I wear?

You are never exposed, the sheet covers you at all times. Some people are not comfortable nude and prefer to wear sports shorts, or underwear.

Should I talk during my massage?

Some people prefer to talk, others want to close their eyes and relax. The Massage Therapist will be fine with both.

Will the Massage Therapist be there when I undress?

The therapist will leave the room while you undress so you can get under the sheet on the table. The Massage Therapist will knock before re-entering the room.



Massage Dos & Don’ts


Silence your cell phone

Leave children, spouses and other distractions at home – unless they are your ride home!



Do not touch your therapist

Do not begin undressing until your therapist has left the room

Do not ask your therapist to touch you inappropriately